All iPhone 15 models are said to have Dynamic Island display slots

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According to reports, the full iPhone 15 lineup will include the iPhone 14 Pro dynamic island. In a tweet spotted by MacRumors, display analyst Ross Young said he expects Apple to set the notch standard on all 2023 iPhones. Additionally, the company will keep its 120Hz ProMotion display technology exclusive to Pro versions due to the supply chain. It doesn’t support more logical models’ post. In a follow-up tweet, Yang said that Apple is expected to accelerate technology for less expensive iPhones in 2024.

Creating a dynamic island standard on every new iPhone in the future would make a lot of sense for Apple, especially to encourage developers to use the feature to their advantage. Some apps actually use a shortcut for fun features. When iOS 16.1 arrives later this year, Dynamic Island will also work with the Apple Live Activity API. It is also a feature that will make the standard iPhone more attractive to consumers who own their existing devices. While the iPhone 12 was a big upgrade over the iPhone 11, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 were less exciting. There’s no good reason to buy the latter, unless you’re using an iPhone that’s a few years old, which isn’t good for Apple’s earnings.

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