This is what the shape of your butt has to say about your health!

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You know how people say pear-shaped women are the most fertile? From a scientific point of view, this is true because women have wider hips and are able to give birth naturally.

But the shape of some parts of the body can also tell about a person’s health. For example, the rear. From a scientific point of view, the fat accumulated in the human body can directly determine human health.

Accumulation of fat in the chest and trunk areas of the body is more dangerous than fat located near the hips and buttocks. The study found that fat stored around the thighs “keeps fatty acids away from the heart, arteries and liver, reducing the risk of heart disease and other debilitating conditions like diabetes.”

Because your body is programmed to ultimately decide whether to store fat in the buttock or stomach area, the hormones that direct and distribute fat in women are thought to do so to protect the heart by holding on to the butt. “.

What does the shape of your butt say about your health?
If you have a round baby
You are healthy and beautiful! It is easy to remove excess fat from the bottom, but this is the correct shape of the booty and does not show any signs of fat retention.

If you have ‘V patotie’
You’re probably in the Middle Ages, and the fat stored below has started to move to other parts of the body. This is due to the fact that estrogen is eliminated from the body as we age. As we have said, the accumulation of fat in other parts of the body can have negative health effects, so it is important to exercise more and follow a healthy diet to prevent this “fat transfer”.

If you have a heart-shaped package
Of course, you store fat in the upper thighs, but jeans look best on this shape of the butt. It’s a good thing that this type of butt tends to shed fat more easily as you age.

If you have a square pattern
You may also have some fat buildup around your “love handles.” This shape, seen from the bottom, shows a lot of body fat, and people with this shape should work on getting their backs more aligned, as well as strengthening their thighs, as well as tightening and slimming their waists a bit.

Do you know your butt type and can you exercise for a good bottom shape?

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