If you have this plant in your home, you will never see MLCE, spiders, and other insects again!

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Although no one likes them, insects are an integral part of our ecosystem. They can feed on dead plants, meat, and animals of various sizes. Some play an important role in killing other animals and preventing epidemics.

One of its main functions is the decomposition and removal of organic matter, and the other is the pollination of economically and ecologically important plants. No matter how important they are to our planet, we want to do everything to eliminate them from our families.

Spiders are among the most hated reptiles, but they are the most common in our homes. We usually try to fight them with chemical pesticides. The second is not dangerous at all, but the first has serious side effects on our health.

Fortunately, Mother Nature took care of everything. Many of us love peppermint, its refreshing smell, and its good taste, but few people know that even if we like peppermint, insects cannot stand it.

If you have spiders and cockroaches in your home, fresh mint tea is the best natural way to get rid of them. Brew the tea, as usual, let it cool, then pour it into a spray bottle. Spray it all over your home, paying attention to dark corners and cracks in walls. You can say goodbye to those pesky crawlers without your house smelling good and harming your health!

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