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6 feminine behaviors that only men love, #5 that will blow your mind

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A woman is the most wonderful gift a man can get. He cares about you, he loves you, and he annoys you even more. There are many habits that women develop that really annoy men. Habits like calling her all the time, acting like a child doing something, taking selfies, looking at her and then deleting and redoing, shopping, etc., are the habits that men say are the most annoying things in a woman. But there are female habits that men love very much.

Today, we can share the habits of women, or you can tell the characteristics of a woman that men really like. look at this.

his head on his chest
Men like it when a woman rests her head on his chest. Then they feel like real men who give their loved ones a sense of security.
He plays with his hair while driving.
Stroking her head is not just a physical pleasure. Men perceive foreplay as an expression of love, affection, and a need for communication from their partner.
He praises her on Facebook
Of course – guys like it when the public appreciates them.
Listen carefully
It will make him feel loved.
Send / call him as if you are meeting friends
A guy is really happy to say that he thinks he’s busy with other things.
His beautiful love is revealed
All these gestures will make her heart skip a beat if you catch her first while holding her hair.

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