5 things your blood type says about your health

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Your blood type plays an important role in your normal health.

We’re pretty much talking about your health, but there are some things you can change. One of these immutable factors is your blood system. The basis of your blood or blood type is what you inherited from your parents and is determined based on some microscopic material found on the surface of your red blood cells.

They may seem unrelated to your fitness, but that’s hardly the case. These substances interact with your immune system in certain ways, thereby affecting your risk of developing certain diseases. Depending on the type of blood, A, B, AB, O, there is a low or good risk of certain diseases.

Check if people with blood group AB are more likely to suffer from cognitive impairment. A Vermont College researcher found that 82% of people with this blood type have problems with confusion, which can eventually lead to dementia. As with all other tests, some older people with AB blood found it harder than others to remember and pay attention to things.

heart disease
Blood type can have a corresponding effect on the risk of heart attack and stroke, but this is good news for people with type O blood. People with this type have a 60% lower risk of coronary heart disease than others. One study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that people without type O blood were more likely to develop heart disease, but this was likely due to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Abdominal cancer
Here we have another bad news for people with blood type AB. These people are more likely to develop stomach cancer. When it comes to medical conditions, people with blood type AB have a 26% higher chance of developing this condition. H pylori is the microorganism responsible for this effect. A large percentage of the population of the Strip gets it through the gut, but people with blood group AB already have a reactive immunity to it. It increases the risk of stomach cancer.

Bacteria that increase the risk of stomach cancer in people with blood group AB also increase the risk of ulcers in people with blood group O. Substances found in people with this blood group alter the body’s response to bacteria. But it is unclear how the mileage ended up.

Most pancreatic cancer
Again, good news for people with blood type O. It is 37% less likely to spread than most pancreatic cancers. Gut bacteria are also responsible for this effect.

But to keep all this away, it should be remembered that these elements have a certain influence on the threat. Your diet and lifestyle also play an important role.

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