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The way you sit says a lot about your personality.

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We do many things unconsciously that reveal our thinking, beliefs, and personality. Our body language reveals more than we want to show. For example, the way we sit says a lot about our personality.
Nonverbal communication through body language communicates many things about our feelings, both consciously and unconsciously. Belgian psychologist and author of These Gestures Betray You, Joseph Messinger, explained this in an interview with Psychology Journal.

Each thought or group of thoughts can be translated into a facial expression or body position. Furthermore, it reveals our character, because: “The way a person sits in front of you […] is a characteristic of their character.”

So if you want to know more about yourself or someone around you, sit down and find out what it means.

position A
People who like to sit in this position are usually very young. They don’t worry about many things, they don’t like to plan, they rarely worry about the future. It is inherently original, spontaneous and fun. They live their own lives and don’t care what other people say about them. However, people in this situation tend to be more careless than they should be. Their imaginations are so strong that they often live in their own world and wait for things to happen. They are like children, but they are the friendliest people in your life.

position b
Often the people in this situation are the owners of the idea. They keep everything to themselves because they don’t trust many people. And intersectionality means that it takes a lot of people to earn the trust of others and not give in easily to temptation. However, such people can be interesting conversationalists. They may be talking to you sincerely without you even knowing it. They always try to understand and they are the last to judge. If you have such a person in your life, never let him go. They are rare treasures.

C position

People who sit like this are very confident and understand each other very well. They know their strengths and weaknesses and know how to use them. They are extroverts and enjoy being with friends and family. They love to be the center of attention and know what it takes to be front and center. They are also very passionate and successful in what they do. Sometimes they seem very proud and arrogant, but they are actually very nice people.

D position
In this case, people are kind and fair, but also wild. They don’t keep things to themselves, but say what they think. They can be considered pure souls because they are not hypocritical and do not have evil intentions. If you contact them, they will be the first to help you. They are quick to help and unconditional in their love. However, this is something that other people can accept and that they often struggle with. The fact that they remain optimistic and full of love even when their hopes are betrayed shows the great strength they have within them.

d. Site
People who love this position are motivated by nature. They are brave, ambitious and well-organized. They tend to be perfectionists and pay attention to the little things. They can be patient, but you should avoid checking them. The fact that they tilt their legs shows that they know how to keep a secret. They are also good listeners and excellent mentors. Their mysterious and charming nature makes them attractive and creates this magical effect.

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