35 healthy and easy weeknight dinner recipes for busy moms

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Are you looking for a quick, simple and healthy dinner? Read on for 35 Easy Meals for Busy Moms – Perfect for Busy Evenings!

I want to keep my weeknight dinners easy and healthy
When I was teaching, I used to get this knot in my stomach on the way home. It wasn’t because I was going to pull my hair out when dealing with kids and cell phones. Or the gradient stack in the back seat of my car. or keeping up with life.

That night, when I thought about making dinner, I felt this bad feeling.

During the week I was mostly exhausted and the last thing I wanted to do was host a dinner party. Most of the time, I didn’t exactly plan meals, so dinners were often stressful and unhealthy disasters based on whatever I could find in the fridge and cupboards.

With the boys at home, I don’t really have an excuse for not planning and preparing healthy meals. But even after I’ve done my work and made a meal plan, I still get a little queasy in my stomach when I think about dinner.

Most of us moms are pretty much exhausted by the end of the day. If you’re home with kids all day or just have kids, dinner can be a chore. Especially if you want it to be more than fast food or something you can microwave (although I definitely don’t want to throw my frozen pizza in the oven when I need it!).

If you throw in kids who doubt what they’ve done or won’t eat, it means immediate defeat.

For a busy and tired mom, these late night meals after a long and sometimes messy day can be quite tricky! The back-to-school frenzy makes dinnertime seem chaotic, right?

Easy (and healthy and quick) dinner recipes for busy moms
I totally feel your pain if I were you! There has to be an easier way, right? How to prepare healthy meals quickly and easily?

If you’re like me, take a look below. Here are 35 healthy, quick, and easy weeknight meals for busy moms to make a month’s supply. And they’re kid-friendly dinners, so you can avoid picky eaters.

You’ll notice that most of them are new twists on old favorites like tacos, pizza, and skillets. But it’s okay. They’re familiar with kids so they know they’re going to eat them, but it’s something new and different, so they’re not exactly the same age. They’re quick, healthy, and easy—yes, five-year-olds and moms!

My favorite weeknight meal
There were nights when I came home late or life just didn’t go as planned. Instead of that usual panic of trying to cook dinner, my Instant Pot {and the air fryer lid that fits right on top of the Instant Pot!} saved the day!

Sometimes I didn’t have time to plan my meals, but quick meals came to the rescue. There are tons of quick and healthy dinners on Pinterest. If you don’t have a pressure cooker, I highly recommend it. Even if it’s just mac and cheese or a hot dog in an instant cup. Although not the healthiest, it feeds the children.

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