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12 signs he’s not in love with you

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I want to share with you this article I read on the internet, especially for women who suffer from these symptoms at some point in their relationships.

Girls/women can comment and share how they feel and what to do if they experience any symptoms.

Boys/guys out there, if you do this it’s just showing that you haven’t been with the person, feel free to comment if you have any objections.

He wants to know if he likes you or is just comfortable with you. Then follow these signs. You will get your answer

  1. He never opens up about his emotions
    Without a pure feeling of love, a person cannot open his heart to someone. Boys only think about tearing their hearts out from someone they share their feelings with.
  2. Only s3x looks close when it wants
    S3x is something that can completely change a guy’s behavior, so when he wants to have fun and have fun, he acts very cute and cuddly.
  3. He keeps in touch with his ex-wife
    A man with no feelings for you cannot get over his ex. So, he’s supportive because he’s insecure about you. And you don’t need another sign to know that he’s just an idiot playing with you.
  4. Sometimes you feel like a stranger around him
    Never feel warm or concerned about someone who has absolutely no interest in you or your love. Only your body sticks to it.
  5. He only knows you on a surface level
    He never struggles to explore you when he finds you suitable. Your man has no feelings for you. Pay attention to these signs.
  6. He always stays away from arguments
    Because he thinks you’re right and there’s no point in talking about love with someone who means nothing to him.
  7. He never seems to care where the relationship goes
    This relationship, with my daughter, is like a game to him. He doesn’t care about that. What other tags do you need?
  8. He never seems to care about you
    He will never try to protect you or show you care and love. The idiot doesn’t feel that way because it’s not his fault.
  9. He spends more time with his friends than you
    Because who wants to spend time with someone right for them? He prefers his friends over you
  10. He doesn’t seem to be obsessed yet
    Do you know that moment when you have a candlelit dinner with lots of love for both of you? And he doesn’t even seem excited? I feel you girl.
  11. You have never met his family
    Have you met his family? number? Well, it’s because he’s not serious enough to admit that he’s in a relationship with you. It’s because he doesn’t have that deep love for you. You’re just comfortable. admit it!
  12. You’re just generally uncomfortable
    He doesn’t make you feel special and in the corner of your heart, you all understand that these signs clearly show that he is not your special someone. But you still get over this bad feeling

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