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19 tips that make life easier

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Everyone hates housework – it takes a long time and is very boring. However, today we’re going to share some tips to make cleaning your home easier and more fun.
These tips will help you remove stains and clean various surfaces and objects without much effort.

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Place the rubber band as in the photo above to prevent the door from closing due to drafts.
2- Place a soft clamp on the front wall of your car in the garage to avoid damage when opening it.

Remove your children’s drawings from walls and other surfaces with KH7 and other grease removers.
4- If the gum sticks to the carpet, apply ice until it hardens and remove it easily. This will make it easier to remove.

5- If there is a hole in the nail, rub it with soap until it is filled.

6- Rub the piece of furniture with soap and restore its shine.

To prevent the bolt from moving, use a rubber band when tightening the bolt as shown in the picture above.
8- When painting the wall, stick the adhesive tape on the wall with silicone to prevent the paint from spreading.
9- Dip the screws used in the nail polish to easily enter the holes.

10- If your door shakes, you can spray motor oil on the hinges.

11- Put a drop of silicone on the ends of the kitchen cabinet door handles so they don’t damage the rest of the kitchen.

12- To remove limescale from the shower head, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and hot water and tie it to the head. Tartar should be removed within a day.

13- Add some talcum powder to the door hinges to prevent them from squeaking.

14- If your pet sheds hair, you can easily remove it from carpets and sofas with a clean crystal brush.

15- Wax paint will help to cover the hole in the wall.

16- Mix lemon juice with fabric softener to make cleaning wooden floors easier.

17- If the TV is constantly covered with dirt, wipe it with a cloth moistened with lemon juice. This will keep the dust off the TV for longer.

18- To remove the smell of the microwave, put a cup of lemon juice and cinnamon powder in it and boil it for 5 minutes.

19- To keep your bathroom sparkling and lime-free, rub half a lemon on everything and rinse with warm water.

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