What happens to your body if you do not drink enough water?

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Water makes up about 60% of the human body, and it’s important to drink enough water every day to stay healthy, as hydration is essential for the efficient functioning of all the body’s organs.

Experts confirm that a person should drink an average of two liters of water a day, and this amount increases in places with high temperatures, and if a person does not like it, he faces 5 problems.


Lack of fluid in the body can cause constipation. Although we think of fiber as the main cause of constipation, lack of water can also be a cause of constipation.

Although fiber helps flush out toxins from the intestines, these toxins are not flushed out of the body, it is only through water.

Dry skin

If the body does not get enough water, this effect can be seen in the skin, because the lack of water leads to dryness of the skin, which is a symptom similar to the complete lack of oil in the skin.

Dehydration and lack of oil in the skin have similar symptoms, because this deficiency leads to itching, sensitivity and peeling, which threatens the ability of the skin to protect itself from the attack of any disease.

Kidney, bladder and urinary tract problems

There is a symbiotic relationship between the kidneys and water. The kidneys work to regulate the body’s water balance and constantly need water to remove waste from the bloodstream.

Kidneys together with the liver regulate the human body’s natural filters, so they need water to function properly, and if they don’t have enough water, they can get urinary tract and bladder infections.

feeling hungry

Lack of water makes people hungry. If you have just eaten and are not full, try drinking a glass of water, it will make you feel full.

Feeling distracted and tired

Lack of water in the body affects energy cells and cognitive functions, making it difficult for the body to stay healthy. The body needs oxygen to carry out its vital daily activities, and water is an important source of this.

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