Top 5 Tech Challenges in 2023

As 2022 draws to a close, companies must navigate a market characterized by unprecedented challenges and limited opportunities brought about by technology. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of the technology market, accelerating the demand for digital innovation and challenging even the most advanced manufacturing facilities. Top 5 Tech Challenges in 2023 Adobe Stock … Read more

Every story is a science story

Critics sometimes say that Scientific American Deviating from the so-called “classical scientific content” and entering a topic that does not belong to us. This claim often bubbles up when we publish related stories Social justice or in support of human rights research and health care for transgender peoplefor example, or Abortion is basic medical care. … Read more

How technology is changing work

From AI recruiting tools to industrial automation and robotic assistants, new digital technologies are transforming the modern workplace. Many of these systems promise to improve efficiency, productivity and well-being, but how are they affecting the people who interact with them every day? This is a complex question with no clear answer. But a growing body … Read more

As Musk reshapes Twitter, scientists ponder flight | Science

Mark McCauren moves online contracts step by step. McCafrean, an astronomer at the European Space Agency, has had his own Twitter profile for years. In the spring, when Elon Musk first proposed buying the social media platform used by nearly 240 million people worldwide, many worried that such an acquisition would increase Twitter’s ugliness and … Read more