South Milwaukee woman runs growing handmade earrings small business

Briana Hibbs crafts handmade earrings for her business "Made by the Lake." She sells her designs on Facebook, through her website and they're on display at the Better Together Café in South Milwaukee.

Briana Hibbs grew up in southeastern Wisconsin, just a stone’s skip from Lake Michigan.

It’s that proximity that inspired her to name her handmade jewelry business Made by the Lake.

Hibbs, who lives in South Milwaukee, crafts both stud and dangle earrings and releases different pairs each week to her over 2,000 Facebook followers.

She does have a website,, but said Facebook “seems to be where most people want to do their shopping.”

Hibbs bases her designs on the time of year. Now, she’s turned her attention to Christmas-themed offerings like Christmas glitter and Cheetah trees. She also keeps a regular stock of more neutral designs that can be worn year-round. Her earrings are made from wood, acrylic, faux leather and real leather.

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