5 Lies That Shark Week Taught Us According to Scientific Research

Instead of researchers saying, “Oh, great! We look forward to your results! ” they often asked, “Hey, stop messing with sharks.” Scientists already has many studies of its own A much more valuable study of tonic immobility than I can imagine is a fast-cut montage of a diver trying to turn a great white in an uncontrolled environment.

Again, the Director of Research at the New England Aquarium, a real-life scientist, shared his skepticism: “I certainly don’t see the scientific value. Why do they need to prove it other than messing with white sharks for the sake of messing with them?”

All shark experts are guys named Mike


Finally, Shiffman & Co took exception to the lack of diversity among researchers participating in the program. I can already feel the comment section becoming a giant ball of gas below me. But no matter what you think about representation in media, no matter what your stance is against a 7-foot-tall kid on YouTube, the vast majority of talking heads are white men who are not (badly) representative of the communities they represent.

In the United States, the field of shark research is not really a male-dominated field. More than half of scientists are women. Like Schiffman is emphasizedIt’s not just white men on the program, there have been more white guys named Mike than women over the course of 32 years. They also weren’t interested in talking to scientists from the places they actually visited, who probably spent most of their lives studying the particular shark they were filming.

Instead of an objective, global survey of shark life, we’ve got an expert gallery that looks like a frat spring break trip.

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