A pair of BC boys won top science fair awards for their self-warming life jackets

A pair of 8th grade BC boys put together a very clever and amazing award-winning science fair project.

Science Fair Foundation BC The winners of the fourth annual Youth Innovation Showcase (YIS) have just been announced, and two boys have won big for their life-saving ideas.

YIS encourages young people to explore creative ways to solve everyday challenges and discover how their theoretical solutions can translate into real-world change.

All participants selected their ideas, received input from experts, and learned about STEM careers.

Victoria’s Liam Pope-Lau and Fraser Tuck won the 12-15 Innovator of the Year award for their invention. The warmth of life: Self-Heating Life Jacket. This life jacket generates heat during immersion and is designed to prevent hypothermia.

In Canada, 8,000 people die each year from hypothermia. Cold water shock occurs in less than a minute, and hypothermia occurs in less than an hour.

They won a $5,000 cash prize ($200 for winning the People’s Choice award in their age category), and now they plan to take their project even further.

“We want to consider new textiles that we can introduce to LifeHeat, and we are confident that this is the safest and best product we can create,” Pap Lau said.

“We are planning to contact BC Ferries’ safety department to implement our BC Ferries life jacket innovation,” Tuck said.

Other winners at the show included Timothy Kaye, Owen Cui and Eric Si, from Surrey, who built a water treatment system and took part in the Nail Braille project, a device that learns braille from speech.

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