A World Cup sports poll written by Axios and journalist Grant Wahl

Countries with the FIFA World Cup.Latest findings Seton Hall Sports Poll highlighted Axios Grant Wahl is North America’s leading soccer journalist.

The findings reflect public perceptions of the 2022 World Cup and FIFA’s controversial decision to host the tournament in Qatar.

Inside to tweet to and within his 844,000 followers Football with Grant Val“USMNT World Cup Daily,” reporting from Qatar, Wahl writes:

DOHA, Qatar – I can’t tell you how many American soccer fans I’ve encountered who say they’re conflicted about Qatar hosting the World Cup because of human rights abuses by migrant workers, women and the LGBTQ community. A poll conducted by Seton Hall University confirms this.

In a nationally representative poll of 1,533 adults across the country this week, 46 percent of American soccer fans said reports of abuse by migrant workers in Qatar had dampened their interest in the World Cup. (The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5%.)

Other polls show that 54% of Americans polled say the World Cup should not be held in Qatar. Respondents are outnumbered 2 to 1:

  • FIFA believes it is not ethically focused
  • Agree with France’s official position that they will not use large public television screens to watch the World Cup
  • Instead of going to this World Cup, the consensus is that Denmark will basically wear an anonymous jersey.

In addition, Amnesty International’s call for Qatar and FIFA to establish a fund for injured and deceased migrant workers and their families is supported by more than 3-1.

That’s the elephant in the room around the Qatar World Cup, and polls confirm that large numbers of Americans care about the topic. In addition, World Cup broadcaster Fox Sports’ refusal to address human rights issues in Qatar, which pocketed millions of dollars in sponsorship from the Qatari government (via Qatar Airways), is a continuing embarrassment.

Wahl’s inquiry findings with questions, graphs and breakdowns are available in the Sports Poll edition.A majority of Americans believe that the World Cup should not be held in Qatar.”

The Axios The article, The World Cup Controversy, details the history of the host country and the corrupt process that has led to the so-called host. The findings of the sports poll are the climax. Axios writes:

The 2022 World Cup has been held became controversial From the beginning, the corruption of FIFA and the stench of Qatar human rights violations the story is still unfolding.

How we got here: 100 years ago, Qatar was a sparsely populated country British Protectorate. Later, after the discovery of oil (1939) and one of the world’s largest natural gas reserves (1960), the country became incredibly rich.

  • By the turn of the century, Qatar was a major player in world politics. But the desire for more prestige and influence drives the country, Same with our Gulf neighborsto a powerful source: football.
  • The Qataris bought French club Paris Saint-Germain and launched beIN Sports in a major move that shook Europe. But the crown was the World Cup.
  • Qatar’s selection as host country in 2010 is a remarkable development was accused of bribery.
  • 18 members of FIFA’s 24-member Executive Committee were investigated for illegal activities, and the reputation of the world governing body was irrevocably damaged.

Game status: The biggest controversy in this World Cup is human rights in the Gulf countries.

What they say: 54% of Americans say FIFA should not have awarded the World Cup to Qatar, according to a new Seton Hall University poll.

Additional findings from this latest Sports Poll “A majority of Americans believe that the World Cup should not be held in Qatar“and”40% of the US population said they plan to watch the World Cup.

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