Bars prepare for big sports weekends

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – The LSU Tigers are in Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game, and then there’s a different kind of football.

The US men’s soccer team is playing the Netherlands in the World Cup, and local bars and restaurants are ready for it.

“It doesn’t get any bigger than that,” said Dustin Loveless of Walk-On’s in Burbank.

He said it’s important to have that kind of training on weekends.

“We started bringing in extra products and extra crew members to accommodate all the guests,” Loveless explained.

Just as athletes on the field prepare for competition, Walk-On’s team is ready for their own challenges.

“We taught them to get a good night’s sleep on the weekend because it’s going to be a long day,” Loveless said.

That long day begins at 8:30 a.m. with the World Cup game.

“We have to be open for such a big sporting event. It must be a crowded crowd. “We have good attendance at the World Cup games,” continued Loveless.

Regardless of the competition, he said, there is no bad seat in the house.

“With 64 TVs, you have a great place to sit wherever you are. We’re going to turn up the volume and push early,” Loveless added.

So what should you eat while watching the USA men’s soccer team, the LSU Tigers and the Southern Jaguars?

“A past meal burger. It has an over-easy egg on a half-pound burger patty. We have beets and crazy Marys. It’s a meal in itself,” Loveless said.

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