Billy Porter receives star on Hollywood Walk of Fame | Entertainment

Billy Porter’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame “came out of nowhere.”

The Pose actor was honored at a ceremony on Thursday (01.12.22) and admitted it was a “beautiful” moment for him because it was something he never expected.

He told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: ‘I have to say that even though I had big dreams, I never thought about stardom.

“It’s not just part of the conversation, it’s magical, it’s out of the blue, and that’s what makes it so beautiful, it’s such a surprise.”

Billie was joined at the ceremony by several family members, including husband Adam Smith and her sister Martha Mary Ford, who spoke in honor of the 53-year-old star in place of her mother, who was unable to attend.

Speaking on Entertainment Tonight, the actor said: “I feel like this star represents the whole body of work and life that I’ve had throughout my life. He’s the person who can tell the truth of my life. That moment for me. He’s here. is so special and I love that we’re so close.”

The Anything Is Possible director credits the advice he received early in his career for success.

He said: “Just be raw, be real. And let the chips fall where they may.”

Billy has already won a Tony, an Emmy, and a Grammy, and jokes that he’s “working” toward an Oscar to earn EGOT status.

He joked, “I’m working. I have movies coming out. We’ll see…I’m working on it.”

And it’s not just movie stars that keep them busy.

He said, “I’m working on my music. I’m continuing to create and fulfill my duties.”

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