Fla. commissioners are pushing for 911 technology upgrades, including video access

Lisa J. Khuriash
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Broward County, Fla. – Politicians plan to question the Sheriff’s Office about why the county is lagging behind 911 technology as a dispute between the County Commission and the Sheriff’s Office over the region’s emergency call dispatch center continues to grow.

County Commissioner Michael Udine, whose the mayor’s term has ended On Tuesday, he said he is interested in using the video-to-911 technology, which is currently being implemented as a pilot project in Volusia County and Miami-Dade. The technology would have allowed 911 call centers to turn voice calls into live video, but he told county commissioners recently that “the problem we have is the sheriff says he’s not ready for that yet.”

Operators respond to emergency calls at the Broward County 911 Dispatch Center at the Sunrise Public Safety Building in 2015.

Operators respond to emergency calls at the Broward County 911 Dispatch Center at the Sunrise Public Safety Building in 2015. (Photo/Mike Stocker/Tribune News Service)

The 911 video option allows the recipient to send an SMS invitation to the caller. The caller then receives an invitation to share the device’s location information and can activate the device’s camera. The technology will show the caller’s location, with “motion imagery” updated every three seconds, which is “critical when the caller is in a moving vehicle or boat on the water and needs help,” the business said. offer.

“It’s a wonderful thing; That’s what we have to do,” Udine said at the public meeting. “It should be very easy to do. “Let’s find a way.”

Dan Plunkett, director of sales for public safety technology company Carbyne, told state leaders at a conference that “this is a life-saving technology that takes an hour to install,” comparable to a ride-hailing service or a meal delivery service.

“So we’re a little confused as to why the Sheriff isn’t ready for that,” he said, adding that Broward’s current system doesn’t need a technological upgrade.

The sheriff’s office did not respond to questions about 911 video recording capabilities, instead saying a portal for citizens to upload videos has been available for months. The SaferWatch app allows people to report incidents and receive safety alerts directly from law enforcement, but citizens need the app to do that.

County Commissioner Mark Bogen said this week that he has added the topic of 911 video to a list of complaints scheduled for consideration at the Dec. 6 County Commission meeting, recommending that the Sheriff’s Office be removed from operating the 911 system.

“We’re going to talk about everything. We have to use the best technology, why not?” he said. “Everybody has to take responsibility.”

“Look, the Sheriff showed no leadership in 911,” Bogen said at a recent commission hearing discussing the 911 video release.

“We found out about the problem from Sun Watch,” he said A Sun Sentinel investigation in April The media company uncovered 911 issues, including unanswered calls and staffing issues at the Sheriff’s Office.

“He never came and said, ‘My people earn less, I’m a mess here, I need help,'” Bogen said. “We need to lead. Because there is no control in 911.”

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