‘Ghosts’ will scare up some fun entertainment

The first season of one of network television’s funniest comedies tops this week’s new entertainment picks.

“Ghosts” Grade A: Rose McIver survived five seasons to become one of the living dead on iZombie. His new show, the CBS comedy Ghosts , puts him among the living, but he’s once again working in the supernatural world. And like “iZombie,” his new venture comes with plenty of dark humor.

The first episode of the series, now available on DVD, stars McIver as Samantha, who moves from the city to the huge estate they’ve inherited with her up-and-coming chef Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar). They want to turn it into a bed and breakfast, but that upsets the spirits of the dead residents who now call it home.

The series is based on the 2019 BBC One series of the same name.

A freak accident gives Samantha the ability to see ghosts in her new home. His cohesive group includes: a Prohibition-era lounge singer (Daniel Pinnock); The Majestic Soldier of 1700 (Brandon Scott Jones); a hallucinogen-loving ’60s hippie (Sheila Carrasco); the super-optimistic scout troop leader of the 80s (Richie Moriarty); a Viking explorer (Devon Chandler Long) who falls in love with cod in 1009; 90s Financial Good Brother (Asher Grodman); a sarcastic, witty native from the 1500s (Roman Zaragoza); and society woman and ancestor of Samantha (Rebecca Wysocki), wife of an 1800s robber baron.

After the ghosts realize that someone can hear and see them, they stop the renovations and begin trying to overwhelm Samantha and connect with the living world they never had.

The series begins with a solid center thanks to McIver’s work. It gets better with each ghost character who brings a different kind of humor to each episode.

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