Michael Madon ’94 uses smart technology to help people fight drug addiction

Michael Maddon ’94 likes to say he grew up on an island called Manhattan. His career has taken him to the private sector where he served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kyrgyzstan, served more than 20 years in the US Army in Iraq and Kuwait, worked as a senior leader at the US Treasury Department, and founded a successful cybersecurity training company. it was acquired by Mimecast. By the beginning of 2022, he had reached the proverbial pinnacle, but something kept circling him.

It was an opportunity to create something new, combined with a Cornell English degree (passion for human history), a Wharton MBA (business acumen), military training (risk identification and mitigation experience), and technical expertise. He said something like lightning came over him.

He created a startup that uses wearable technology to track people in recovery and connect them to a support network of caregivers and loved ones.

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