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(NOTE LANGUAGE) Although originally planned as a spin-off focusing on fan favorites Daryl and Carol, Norman Reedus“A post-apocalyptic adventure” The Walking Dead Universe makes him go alone to Europe.

As reported last April, Melissa McBrideThe actress who played Carol made an abrupt exit from production due to AMC’s decision to move the show from Georgia to Europe.

However, the show’s creators say Entertainment Weekly The fact that Daryl is now on his own is a key element of what is now retitled The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

AMC president Dan McDermott says EW The show, due out next year, will be about “he wakes up and finds himself somewhere in Europe… How did he get here? How is he going to get home?”

Reedus calls the show a “reset.”

“It’s weird, but that’s the story,” the actor explained after three weeks in the “can”.

He added, “People are speaking French around me, and part of my story is, ‘Is this good or bad?’ Are we going to fight or are we friends right now?’I’m trying to read lips in a language I don’t understand, I’m reading body language…it’s confusing and I get it.”

He added, “Yeah, it’s weird, but that’s the show we’re doing, so it’s working really well.”

The actor also explained that the show was filmed in Europe, as opposed to Georgia, which helps sell the new atmosphere.

“It’s absolutely epic in scale,” he said, “and there’s a story within the walls around us … It’s a very different feel. It has everything you want from a show, but just picked up and put in a whole dimension.”

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