OQ Technology’s Pathfinder 5G IoT mission will launch in March

NanoAvionics assembles the MACSAT satellite bus. Photo: NanoAvionics via OQ Technology

OQ technology ‘MACSAT’ announced its mission support European Space Agency (ESA) and Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) will launch in March on a Vega-C rocket. The company announced a December 1st launch window. The company is a satellite cellular 5G IoT operator dedicated to providing global cellular Internet and machine-to-machine communication solutions via satellite.

An on-orbit pathfinder developed by NanoAvionics aims to provide advanced 5G IoT services. It will be able to process a large number of 5G devices on strategic satellite frequencies common to LEO land mobiles.

The company also recently completed Series A financing worth 13 million euros ($13.61 million). MACSAT is a €2 million (US$2.1 million) small spacecraft, led by prime contractor OQ Technologies, and funded by the Luxembourg Government under an ESA contract for the Luxembourg National Space Program (LuxIMPULSE). The mission will be used to test advanced 5G IoT algorithms and enable commercial deployment of existing 5G NB (narrowband)-IoT chips via satellite. It will also be part of OQ Technology, which will offer commercial connectivity services.

“By heating cellular directly to the device, OQ technology is well-positioned to be the first to connect cellular IoT devices to LEO satellites by successfully targeting the first narrowband IoT wave in 2019. Energy, logistics, and agriculture interested in OQ solutions For large telecommunications companies looking to deploy IoT products in the residential, maritime and satellite cellular IoT products, OQ Technology is well positioned to serve these customers in the coming year,” said Omar Qais, Founder and CEO of OQ Technology.

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