Pharmaceutical-style diffusion technology opens the door to food and bev for a wide range of botanical ingredients

The technology was recently introduced to the developer market by Belgian firm Eleanor at SupplySide West in Las Vegas.

The technique may be new to the herbal supply chain, but it’s not new, said Benoit Turpin, one of the company’s officers and an industry veteran. Turpin has a long history of developing and marketing food ingredients, having worked for the American firm Milk Specialties Global. His role at Eleanor is to expand the company’s offering in the US food and beverage market.

“This is a technique that has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for decades.”Turpin said. In the pharmaceutical industry, most of the active ingredients in drugs are small molecules, some of which have problematic ingredients. Various approaches have been developed to make these APIs available in terms of formulation, production cost, and shelf life.

Patented technology

For Eleanor, the technology has several patents registered in Belgium and has entered the US market. The first patents for the technology were issued until 2018.

“It’s not an encapsulation method, and it has nothing to do with microparticles.” Turpin said.

Patents cover a wide range of possible methods for improving the activity of natural ingredients. The patents refer to “natural or synthetic” versions of proteins, oligosaccharides, and polysaccharides that are “thermoformed” into their final state with the corresponding bioactive agent.

“We’re using a food-grade carrier to work with one or more active ingredients, and we make those active ingredients more dispersible and soluble.”Turpin said.

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