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Scholarships are awarded to orphans of veterans

Left to right are Deputy Adjutant General Warren Perry, grantee Catherine Routhier, Commissioner Frank Edelbluth, and Stephen Appleby, director of NHED's Division of Educator Support and Higher Education.

SOMERSWORTH — The New Hampshire Department of Education recently issued two $2,500 checks to orphans of veterans to help with their college expenses.

The scholarship is part of the Orphans of Veterans program, which helps war orphans pay for college expenses such as books and supplies. This year’s recipients are:

  • Kathryn Routhier of Somersworth, a senior at the University of New Hampshire majoring in Legal Studies with a minor in Forensic Science.
  • Evan Milton, a freshman majoring in health sciences at the University of New Hampshire

Routhier’s mother, Rhonda Routhier, was an Army veteran of the War on Terrorism who died in 2018 from a line-of-duty illness. “That extra money helped me feel a little more confident about my ability to attend college. thank you,” Catherine Routhier said.

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