Showcase events show how digital technology can be used to improve lives

Social care for adults

December 02, 2022

Delegates to digital events

The event showcased ways in which digital technology can help transform the lives of vulnerable people.

Bridging the digital divide has shown that technology, including virtual reality, can create solutions to identified problems and lead to positive outcomes for people.

In support of Northamptonshire, the event was organized in partnership with Café Track, VR Therapies, The University of Northampton and Digital Northants.

Interviews include:

  • Northamptonshire’s support has shown how digital technology can deliver collaborative case management and wellbeing outcomes for vulnerable people.
  • Cafe Trek discussed how digital technology is being used to create jobs for people with autism.
  • VR Therapies showcases how virtual reality is being used to transform the lives of people with mental health issues and physical disabilities.

The event aims to inspire representatives from the voluntary sector to use their digital strategies and digital technologies to deliver better outcomes for the people and groups they support.

Our Bridging the Digital Divide event was inspiring and demonstrated the value of collaboration.

Voluntary sector participants were really inspired and had great conversations about working together and working differently.

We want to take the momentum in the room and follow it up with potential bids for future projects.

Pratima Dattani, Managing Director, Support Northants

The speed at which technology is advancing is breathtaking and as new beginnings are made, it is inspiring to see how these advances can be used to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

The event showed the many benefits of helping vulnerable people and how projects can be scaled up to help even more.

Cllr David Howes. Northamptonshire Council’s Executive Member for Rural Communities and Communities, responsible for digital.

The University of Northampton’s Center for Active Digital Education was delighted to support such an important community event.

The issues and potential solutions raised at the event affect a large part of the population and we need a forum like this to bring people together for support and solutions.

Rob Howe, Head of Instructional Technology, University of Northampton

The event is part of the Digital Northamptonshire initiative, a partnership between North and West Northamptonshire Councils and the University of Northampton to build a community of people interested in how digital technology can help transform their organisations.

Eyeglasses were a new technology that opened up the world to countless people.

Virtual reality will break down even more barriers, and I’m excited that we’re playing a role with some amazing partners in driving the ground-breaking innovation that finds ways to make this technology serve society.

Cllr Jonathan Nunn, Leader of North West Council

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