The world is being influenced by technology, says Himachal Pradesh Guv Arlekar

Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar on Friday inaugurated a two-day national conference on New Trends in Digital Crime and Forensics organized by the Department of Forensic Science. The university is here.

Organized in collaboration with Regional Forensic Laboratory of Dharamsala.

The governor said “Influencing the world today, and we are no exception.”

“But in the last few decades, we have made good efforts in this direction and achieved mixed results,” he said.

Emphasizing the various aspects of technology, he said that in today’s environment, cyber crime is not just a physical crime but digital crime has become a part of life.

“It is possible at any time and it is the source of all crimes, so we need to be more vigilant,” he warned.

He said, today It’s accessible to everyone, and it affects us all.

“We have to take it, but not fall victim to it,” he said. He also emphasized the need for a large-scale national laboratory to investigate cybercrimes .

He said the state has a long border area and “we can use this technique in these areas as well”. It can be used in the vibrant villages of these regions to monitor cross-border activities.

In this way, he says, “we can use knowledge in this direction”.

Arlekar said that the proposals and research papers presented in this two-day national conference should be compiled and sent to the Government of India so that the hard work of emerging scientists and researchers can be utilized in this direction.

In the past, the Governor has published various journals related to forensic science. A MoU between Himachal Pradesh University and Nextechno Gen Private Ltd, Delhi was signed in the presence of the Governor.

The purpose of this agreement is to create a framework for the proposed cooperation in the creation of a new generation of highly skilled human resources; providing completely new opportunities for employment and economic development; To help Himachal Pradesh University, NTGPL and the state become world leaders in these emerging technologies with a focus on technology, especially digital forensics and cyber investigations.

The exchange of experience, scientific and technical knowledge between the two organizations will be of great benefit not only to their joint development but also to their service to society.

VK Trivedi, Director, Department of Standardization Testing and Quality Assurance (STQC), said that today is the age of digital world and without it, “we cannot think of existence”.

“Keeping this in mind, India has promised digital advancement and launched various initiatives on Digital India,” he added.



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