Top Entertainment Franchises on YouTube

Long before the internet, fanzines ruled. The original user-generated content (UGC) of fans and hot shots appear in homemade magazines, often copied and stapled together.

It’s today YouTubefans can post their passion for all kinds of media in millions of videos, from full-length DIY movies to 30-second video game clips based on movies or TV shows.

Think fan expression, inspiration and marketing all rolled into one. Yes, franchisees and corporations can release content in the form of trailers, interviews, and more, but the official contribution is less about the conversations that devotees have with each other.

So which movie and TV franchises dominate the UGC landscape, and which are the most profitable, with “engagement” being a generic term for likes and comments? Using data from content analytics and technology firm Vobile, the official host of the Fandomination Special Report, VIP+ examines the most popular franchises on YouTube by tracking the output of fan-turned-creators.

Spoiler alert: The leader among all franchises is the Marvel Cinematic Universe with 6.2 million videos and 7.7 billion engagements. videos with participation MCU — in categories like fandom, lists, vlogs, and cheats, and ranks No. 2 on the DC Extended Universe list.

Fan culture has long been a powerful tool for understanding what keeps a particular franchise or individual project a valuable source of ongoing revenue and IP. Analyzing what attracts followers can be a bigger and more esoteric challenge.

Still, there’s no question: Fans always want to cheer together. In the world of broken entertainment, it’s the water cooler, and the stories around it keep going.

Just some media insights:

  • A detailed marketing strategy for leveraging fan culture
  • Information about what keeps movie and TV franchises going strong
  • A complete measure of YouTube videos published over a three-year period

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