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Creative Director of Balenciaga Denma Gvasaliahas broken his silence on the brand’s recent controversial ad campaign.

“I personally apologize and take responsibility for choosing the wrong artistic concept for my gifting to children campaign,” Gvasalia said. wrote in the statement Friday on Instagram. “It was inappropriate for children to promote objects that had nothing to do with them.”

“Sometimes I want to be thought provoking in my work, but I would NEVER intend to do so on such a horrific subject as child abuse, which I condemn,” he added.

“I need to learn from it, listen to it, and work with child protection organizations to see how I can contribute and help with this terrible topic,” said the famous creative.

The luxury brand recently apologized after its ad campaign featured a teddy bear that sexually assaulted children.

President and CEO of Balenciaga, Cedric Charbitand announced Friday that it has reorganized its image department to fully align with company guidelines.

The company also confirmed on Friday that it would drop its earlier lawsuit against production company North Six and the design designer. Nicholas Des JardinsA separate Spring 2023 ad campaign includes a photo of the Supreme Court’s ruling on child pornography laws.

Balenciaga has accused North Six and Des Jardins of being “spoiled or at least unusually careless” in their ad campaign, a source close to North Six said. Good morning America On Monday, the production company was only responsible for the logistics of the shoot and had no creative control or involvement in the campaign.

The company first responded on November 22, saying it had “sincerely” apologized for the campaign.

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