College football highlights: Utah wins Pac-12 title, USC’s CFP hopes dashed

It was better than A Pac-12 Championship while in 4th place USC Met number 11 Utah Friday night in Las Vegas.

For the Trojans, the win meant a trip to the College Football Playoff, the first visit for USC and the first for the Pac-12 since. Washington In the 2016 season.

For the Utes, a win would mean the school’s success in leaving the conference will spoil everything. Big Tenand defended his title from last season.

Utah was able to do just that.

Here are some highlights from the Pac-12 championship game.

No. 11 Utah 47, No. 4 USC 24

Magic man

If the Utes weren’t worried about slowing down Caleb Williams before the game, they are now because he started the game with this pass in the first quarter.

It was fast

After Williams’ short TD found Tahj Washington, the Trojans got their drive on the board.

Caleb Williams found Taj Washington for the score

USC’s Caleb Williams found Tahj Washington for a 2-yard touchdown and the Trojans took a 7-0 lead against Utah.

Caleb is HIM

After Utah put three on the boardfinally it was Williams’ turn again.

First, a 59-yard scramble…

USC’s Caleb Williams runs wild

Caleb Williams gained 59 yards on that run to put the Trojans in scoring position at the end of the first frame.

… then, a few plays later, a short TD pass on fourth-and-2 gives USC a 14-3 lead in the first quarter.

Caleb Williams found Ralick Brown for another score in the first quarter

USC’s Caleb Williams connected with Raleek Brown for a 3-yard TD to make it 14-3 for the Trojans.

The Trojans have it!

After adding a field goal to take a 17-3 lead, USC turned Utah’s big play into a turnover.

Returned to the U

Ja’Quinden Jackson scored on that short break late in the second quarter to make it 17-10 Utah.

Caleb is going downhill

The Utes gained momentum and finally brought Williams down to earth with this sack.

It’s wired!

After a great start by USC, the Utes tied things up at halftime with a 4-yard TD pass from Cameron Rising to Jaylen Dixon with two seconds left in the second quarter.

Utah’s Cameron Rising found Jaylen Dixon for the TD

Utah Utes’ Cameron Rising finds Jaylen Dixon for a 4-yard TD to tie the game at 17 against the USC Trojans.

Close to disaster

USC narrowly avoided an all-time foul just before the half!

Defense wins

Utah comes out on all cylinders defensively, dropping Williams again early in the second half.

Money puts it in the end zone

A man is money.

After a 57-yard TD pass from Rising to Money Parks, the Utes now had 21 unanswered points.

Williams goes down

Utah’s other big sack is with USC and its quarterback.

Rise and fall

Cam Rising was the man Friday night in Vegas … but he got the short end of the stick in that regard.

Big shot aside, the Utes did put another three on the right panel The 4th quarter has started and they are leading 27-17.

The Trojans are coming back

Williams is struggling, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting USC into the game.

After that crazy drive, Williams found Mario Williams for a TD to make it 27-24.

Caleb Williams found Mario Williams for a 12-yard touchdown

Caleb Williams found Mario Williams for a 12-yard touchdown to give the Utah Utes a 27-24 lead.


On Utah’s next possession, Thomas Yassmin went into beast mode with a 60-yard score to give the Utes a 10-point lead.

Utah’s Cameron Rising found Thomas Yassmin for a 60-yard TD.

Cameron Rising hits Thomas Yassmin on a 60-yard TD for the Utah Utes to take a 34-24 lead.

Wide open!

USC won’t go away easily. On fourth down, tight end Caleb Williams found Jordan Addison on the sideline.


Williams threw his fourth interception of the year before RJ Hubert was ejected with just seven minutes left in the game.

JJ is home!

A CFP berth looks slim for USC.

Ja’Quinden Jackson scored more points for Utah with this 53-yarder to give the Utes a 40-24 lead in the fourth quarter.

Everything is finished

Micah Bernard ran past USC defenders on his way to the end zone, giving Utah a 47-24 lead.

With the latest score, Utah is the Pac-12 champion and USC is definitely out of the College Football Playoff.

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