Graeme Souness questions VAR decision, demands evidence from FIFA over Germany’s stunning goal against Spain | Football news

FIFA has confirmed that Japan’s winning goal against Spain on Thursday was correctly scored.

Japan scored a goal to beat Spain 2:1Ao Tanaka sealed the win and the ball initially looked out of play, but Kaoru turned the Mitoma defence.

At length, a VAR review was conducted after the goal, but the full curvature of the ball was deemed not to have crossed the line, and the decision was in favor of Japan.

Thrilling finale on Thursday

  • 7.10pm UK time – Gnabry made a quick start against Costa Rica in Germany, but Spain still need a win over Japan.
  • 19.11 – Morata takes the lead in the opening match of the Spanish national team. Germany has overtaken Japan in the second place in the standings.
  • 8.04pm – Doan steers Japan level. They are on the same level as Germany in terms of points, goal difference and goals scored, but they are leading
  • 20.06: Tanaka scores another Japan goal to give Spain a 2-1 lead. Japan leads the group, Spain is second and Germany is third on goal difference.
  • 20.14: Tejeda scores the equalizer against third-placed Costa Rica, behind Spain on goal difference. Germany sits at the bottom.
  • 8.26pm – Vargas leads Costa Rica against Germany as Germany and Spain top Japan with Costa Rica second.
  • 20.29: Havertz almost immediately equalizes for Germany. They still occupy last place in the group, but Spain edged out Costa Rica on goal difference
  • 20.41 – Havertz gives Germany the lead. The German national team is in third place in the group. They need Spain to draw level with group leaders Japan and will outscore Japan in goals
  • 20:46 – Fulkrug adds another for Germany – but it doesn’t change their situation. They still need a Spanish equalizer.
  • 20.53 – Costa Rica and Germany are eliminated from the World Cup after the final whistle of the Spain game.

Japan’s victory not only secured the top spot in Group E, but also secured second place for Spain and Germany. beat Costa Rica 4-2 in a thriller – Qualified from the group stage at the second consecutive World Championship.

Graeme Souness called on FIFA to produce solid evidence that the ball was in play, with the governing body tweeting on Friday afternoon: “Japan’s second goal in their 2-1 win over Spain was ruled offside by VAR.

“The match video officials used the goal line camera footage to check if the ball was partially on the line.

“Other cameras may offer misleading images, but the available evidence suggests that the ball was not entirely out of play.

Speaking ITV After full-time, Souness said: “80 million Germans are going crazy right now, waiting for a picture that shows the ball is out of play.

“Germany is not a small football country. Why wouldn’t you want to create confusion and clear it up immediately?

“Why isn’t FIFA showing us something so controversial? Why aren’t they showing us? Please explain it to us.”

The ball appeared to go over the line before Japan's Kaoru Mitoma passed to teammate Ao Tanaka to give Spain a 2-1 lead.
Picture: The ball appeared to go over the line before Japan’s Kaoru Mitoma passed to teammate Ao Tanaka to give Spain a 2-1 lead.

The on-field officials initially disallowed the goal as the ball had gone out, and while early replays appeared to be in their favor, VAR ruled it should have been considered, and later aerial views showed the ball had not quite crossed the line. .

Sky Sports’ Gary Neville later asked why TV viewers weren’t shown the full angle of Japan’s winning goal.

He added: “The high camera on the line indicates a possible ball over the line.” ITV.

“But after the first offside goal Ecuador vs. Qatar I struggled a bit in the first game because we didn’t give the right angles. It just feels wrong.

“In the Premier League we see all the VAR cameras. Here we don’t.”

Thomas Muller, 33, who may have played his last international game for Germany, was left wondering how his World Cup campaign ended.

“It’s an absolute disaster! I don’t know what will happen next. If this was my last game, I would like to say a few words to the German football fans. It was a pleasure, dear people,” said a tearful Muller. said ARD.

“We had some great moments. Every game I tried to leave my heart on the pitch.

“It’s really bitter for us because our results would have been enough. It’s a feeling of powerlessness.”

“I’m not looking for excuses”

Germany crashed out of the World Cup for the second time after losing to Japan, drawing with Spain and beating Costa Rica, but boss Hansi Flick was not prepared to blame their early exit on a controversial VAR decision.

“There are many reasons, but I’m not looking for excuses,” he said. “I was disappointed in the first half, I was very angry with the team and we allowed our opponents to come back.

The ball appeared to go over the line before Japan's Kaoru Mitoma passed to teammate Ao Tanaka to give Spain a 2-1 lead.
Picture: The ball appeared to go over the line before Japan’s Kaoru Mitoma passed to teammate Ao Tanaka to give Spain a 2-1 lead.

“We wanted to score 3-4 goals in the first half, but then we made mistakes. If we converted those chances, 16 goals.

“But the match was not decided for us today. We were not efficient in the match and were eliminated.”

As for whether he will resign, Flick said: “We will decide that quickly. It’s hard to answer right after the game. We’ll see about that soon.”

“There’s amazing technology these days.”

Japan's Ao Tanaka (left) celebrates scoring his team's second goal.
Picture: Japan’s Ao Tanaka (left) celebrates scoring his team’s second goal

Regarding Japan’s second goal, manager Hajime Moriyasu said through a translator: “We were just playing to win. I think our energy was the goal.

“Whether the ball is out or not, there’s great technology in big football (plays) these days.

“If it had actually gone out, it would have been a goal kick, but it went into the goal according to the referee’s opinion.

“We respected that, but we were willing to respect it anyway. That was the final decision.”

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