Hangzhou Linker Technology has been selected as the representative manufacturer of large models for many models of the Chinese artificial intelligence market.

Hangzhou, China – (NewMediaWire) – December 2, 2022 – IDC, a leading international market research organization, recently published “Market View: China’s Largest Artificial Intelligence Market Overview Report”. Hangzhou Linker Technology has been selected as a representative manufacturer in the multimodal large model industry due to the outstanding performance of OmModelan, the industry-leading multimodal AI system.

The report provides an overview of China’s large-scale artificial intelligence market by selecting major technical service providers in various market segments. Key segments include infrastructure service providers, AI development platform providers, AI algorithm providers, and industry solution providers. This map helps Chinese enterprises understand the development of major models and the leading players in each market segment.

Dr. Tianchen Zhao, senior scientist at Hangzhou Linker Technology, said that as artificial intelligence takes the economy to a new level, enterprises face limited data resources, poor model summarization capabilities, and a shortage of high-level talent. As one of the best ways to solve the above problems, AI big design can greatly reduce the technical threshold and development costs for enterprises to adopt AI. Large models demonstrate pattern recognition and reasoning capabilities that help the industry harness the potential value of AI technology. Currently, large-scale artificial intelligence models are playing an important role in natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and other applications.

Hangzhou Linker Technology has won two ODinW championships with world-leading multimodal large-model technology.Object Detection in the Wild) at ECCV, the most prestigious artificial intelligence conference. In addition, Linker Technology is one of the platform providers of the first national competition of artificial intelligence application program organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2022. It is a leading technology provider for pre-training the industry’s largest multi-model models.

OmModel is a multi-modal (vision and language) model pre-trained on billions of images, text and videos. The system learns to combine linguistic information with visual perception, and achieves zero or fewer visual recognition skills, improving prediction accuracy by 30%.

To empower enterprise users to solve real-world challenges through OmModel, Hangzhou Linker Technology released the OmVision Platform, a SaaS AI platform that provides a one-stop solution for building and deploying artificial intelligence applications. It offers developers a completely new way to build smart apps with zero code and zero shots. This platform has redefined the manufacturing process for computer vision applications through the powerful capabilities of OmModel’s large pre-built models.

Training large models has become an inevitable path for artificial intelligence to further revolutionize the field. Hangzhou Linker Technology will continuously explore the innovation and application of advanced technology, and will use technology as the core and application to drive digital intelligent innovation in various industries with its core technology capabilities.

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