Hook Entertainment CEO Releases Official Apology + Promises To Take Responsibility For Issue Involving Lee Seung Gi’s Payment

Hook Entertainment’s CEO released an official statement apologizing for the legal issue Lee Seung Gi.

That was the case earlier this month revealed Lee Seung-gi sent the content certificate to his agency, Hook Entertainment, asking for transparency about the payment. It was also the agency’s office building recently confiscated Also, some executives were investigated by the Serious Crimes Investigation Department of the General Police Department on the grounds that they might have embezzled funds. On November 21st, Dispatch published a report stating that Lee Seung Gi did not receive any income from his songs and that five years of filings from 2004 to 2009 were missing. Kwon Jin Young, CEO of Hook Entertainment, in brief answered it is in the process of fact checking. Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative on November 24 approved Lee Seung Gi was never informed of his music profits and received insults and threats when asked for payment details.

On November 30, Hook Entertainment’s CEO Kwon Jin Young sent an email to the media saying that he will take full responsibility for the dispute over Lee Seung Gi’s music profits and dispose of his personal assets to fulfill the responsibility.

Read the full statement below:

This is Kwon Jin Young, CEO of Hook Entertainment.

I have been working as a manager for 25 years. A lot has happened, but this is the first time I feel something so difficult and difficult.

I believe that any quarrel or misunderstanding should be held accountable at the beginning and end. I do not want to cause any damage to the company “Hook Entertainment” and the artists of the agency, which I have established for 25 years. Once again, I bow my head and ask for forgiveness.

In addition, I will take full responsibility for any dispute with Lee Seung Gi, and will not abdicate responsibility or dispose of my personal property in order to fulfill my responsibility.

I am sorry to everyone at Hook Entertainment who has been living through hell every day due to this sudden incident and to everyone who has learned of this unwanted news.

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