Lee Seung Gi might be in a tight spot due to the power the Hook Entertainment CEO has in the entertainment industry

There are voices of concern Lee Seung Gi after arguing with him Hook Entertainment about dealing with music revenue.

On November 27, the entertainment reporter became a YouTuber Lee Jin Ho posted a video with the title.The reason why Lee Seung Gi is surrounded by enemies on all sides” on his YouTube channel.

Formerly Lee Seung Gi content certificate sent To keep a transparent record of his earnings and payments from Hook Entertainment. This is because the singer claimed to have received 0 won from his music record earnings. Hook Entertainment responded by denying the claims.


Many believe that the situation is in Lee Seung Gi’s favor and there is a good chance that the singer will win the legal battle. However, Lee Jin Ho tells Lee Seung Gi that things are not looking good. He claims that Lee Seung Gi may be surrounded by enemies.

YouTube reporter.Lee Sun Hee, Lee Seo Jin, Yoon Yeo Jung and more are part of Hook Entertainment. It has been proven that Lee Seung Gi was treated unfairly, but none of those (high-profile) actors are speaking out in support of him.” He added, “Lee Seung Gi is fighting alone. When celebrities leave the entertainment industry to fight back, usually build a foundation that can protect themselves. But Lee Seung Gi is managing everything alone with his manager. It’s not an easy task.”

Lee Jin Ho also focused on the CEO of Hook Entertainment Kwon Jin Youngpower in the industry. He explained “Kwon Jin Young is famous in the industry. He (CEO) is someone who can develop a company that earns billions of won (millions of dollars) with just two people, Lee Sung-hee and Lee Seung-gi.” The former entertainment reporter also added.Kwon Jin Young is also said to have had a huge impact on the broadcasting industry. They all say they walk on eggshells around him.”


Lee Jin Ho also revealed that Kwon Jin Young is very close to the powerful entertainment producer. This is Yeon Seok. He explained “Industry officials said that Kwon Jin Young and producer Na Yong Seok are very close. They became close during the filming of Lee Seung Gi’s ‘2 Days & 1 Night’. Also, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Seo Jin, and Yoon Yeo Jung did a variety show together. At the center of it all was Kwon Jin Young.”

He concluded by saying, “Kwon Jin Young’s net worth alone is confirmed to be tens of billions of won (hundreds of millions of dollars). He has huge assets, including the three buildings of Hook Entertainment in Cheongdam-dong and Hannam Hill. He is someone who will never give up on this problem. He will also be hired by a top law firm in Korea.”

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