Twitter’s automated copyright protection system shuts down, allowing live sporting events to join movies

A disorganized management style and a skeleton staff remain for Twitter
Automated services around replays are dropping, leaving the door wide open for accounts to post all games.

Delete the politics of reinstating former President Donald Trump, the artist formerly known as Kayne West, or the comedian Kathy Griffin Elon Musk has briefed on how to untangle the social network during his three weeks at the helm of Twitter. platform in no time.

Mask management steps (Nearly half of Twitter’s workforce has been fired), giving an ultimatum to the remaining workers (which backfired) and participating in product launches for paid blue check endorsements just pull it back “Why plan when we can just throw things at the wall and watch them stick,” is best explained.

In addition to creating templates What business leaders shouldn’t do, layoffs and the exodus of remaining employees put pressure on Twitter’s infrastructure to crack. The days of the Twitter whale may not have fully arrived, but pieces of Twitter’s IT architecture are emerging that put Musk in additional legal jeopardy.

This is being reported a lot now Twitter’s automatic copyright strike/takedown system no longer works, leaving the option to upload the full movie in 2-minute segments. This left the bare-bones content management team to resolve issues through manual discovery. Entire published account The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift suspended, the method was rude and did not prevent other accounts from doing the same.

Toward this extremely messy step, the sports world where the NFL and NBA. Also, the NHL season is in full swing and the soccer World Cup is underway. Broadcast rights to these sports properties alone are worth hundreds of billions of dollars and are highly protected by the networks that broadcast or transmit them.

Musk’s irresponsible management style creates a copyright infringement window for live sports broadcasts on Twitter within seconds of being aired. If someone did that for content that aired on ESPN or ABC, it would upset Disney, the company that owns the network, and rebroadcasting it without written permission would keep you out, not to mention the sports leagues that announce you on every broadcast. into hot water with their legal department.

Musk seems to be gleefully enjoying the public relations philosophy of “the bad news just keeps getting reported,” but he’s about to face a slew of lawsuits. The richest man in the world can accept them, but the aura of “Musk is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers” is quickly fading, affecting the business world’s view not only of Twitter, but also of Tesla and SpaceX. Musk’s stupidity on Twitter is that he is now playing with a private company. He does not have the luxury of the public enterprises he manages.

Politics aside, Musk is now out of clothes and appears to have decided to unwind his $44 billion investment. Efforts around Twitter’s copyright strike/takedown policy will only be watched by Hollywood. The sports world is on the edge of their seats.

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