What Draymond Green learned about himself after the Jordan Poole brawl

Draymond shares what he learned from his spat with Poole appeared first NBC Sports Bay Area

It’s been almost two months since then Draymond Green hit Jordan Poole The Warriors’ star forward appeared to be still learning from his actions during practice on Oct. 5.

Speaking to Andscape’s Mark J. Spears, Green explained how life has been for the Warriors’ defensive anchor and how his relationship with Poole has changed since the hit.

“I wouldn’t say it made me less vocal.” Green Spears said As to whether this incident made him calmer. “No, it won’t change me.”

Green added that he is “quick to see and take notice” so he can identify situations and potential problems before he says or does anything.

“So for me, that’s what I’m doing,” Green said. “I’m not very quick to speak. I look and see what needs to be done and what to say.

“Watch and understand.”

Regarding his relationship with Poole, Green said he and the 23-year-old defenseman are “teammates” and the former gets along with other Warriors teammates.

“I’m going to do whatever I can to help a guy,” Green continued. “I’ll do whatever I can to help the team, that’s who we are.”

Green went on to say that the working relationship between him and Poole is “excellent” and that there are “no problems”.

While Green says the working relationship between him and Poole is now “great,” it’s important to note that Green has to accept. time away from the team gain perspective on self and situation.

To that end, Green reiterated to Spears that being away from his teammates has made him more introverted.

“You’re really diving deep into yourself. You’re diving deep into what’s around you,” Green said. “And for me, I’m grateful for that because then I was able to study.

“And I feel like I can learn something at any time, which is great.”

Talking about the biggest lesson she learned from the incident, Green said she learned “a lot” about herself and others in conflict situations.

“That’s how these things go beyond team situations or basketball court situations. You carry those experiences with you,” Green concluded.

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Overall, Green seems to be getting it take responsibility for your actions and how the feud may have affected the Warriors and their slow start.

Warriors fans should be grateful to know that Green is learning from what happened in early October and applying the lessons to his everyday life.

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