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2024 Olympics: What if NBA stars boycotted the Games basketball tournament?

2024 Olympics: What if NBA stars boycotted the Games basketball tournament?

This time the rag is burning between the organizers of the 2024 Games (Cojo) and the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). This is the site where the preliminary stages of the basketball tournament will take place. Fiba had knocked down Hall 6 of the Exhibition Center, particularly due to a lighting concern that various expert reports had not been able to resolve. As the Parisian revealed on April 8, Cojo had subsequently thought of another solution at the Pierre-Mauroy stadium in Lille. The idea of ​​Paris 2024 was to alternate the stages of handball and basketball groups, with handball in Hall 6 in Paris and basketball in Lille. A solution that has recently been presented to FIBA ​​and that has generated new tensions.

This Wednesday, on the occasion of the general assembly of international federations – during which Tony Estanguet and ientienne Thobois presented the Games dossier – Andreas Zagklis, Fiba’s secretary general, rose sharply to the plate, evoking “serious concerns. for the participation of the best basketball players in the Paris Games. ”According to our information, some star players, in particular the already retired Spaniard Pau Gasol, also a member of the IOC, would have been offended by the conditions proposed by Paris 2024, had gone so far as to question their participation.

The Secretary-General thus recalled that Fiba had already agreed to change the pages three times in 5 years. “We are still missing the fourth combination, and we hope that the last combination, 25 months from the Olympics,” he said, believing that the solutions currently on the table were not acceptable. He recalled that Fiba had set a series of requirements: accommodation in the Olympic Village, transport for a maximum of one hour to the construction site and a construction site that meets the technical requirements.

Cojo wants to limit costs

According to our information, Paris 2024 would thus propose to Phiba that the teams sleep in the village of Saint-Denis athletes and make a round trip to Lille with a coach. Namely, as Andreas Zagklis reminds us in his speech, a 3 hour journey only one direction. Permanent accommodation in Lille (as is the case with handball players) would not be an option, especially since Fiba has sought to initially accommodate in the Paris area (since the 1936 Olympics, basketball has always had its place of competition in the host city) but also because of the assurances that Fiba must subscribe for NBA franchises to release players. The Pierre-Mauroy Stadium would also present a technical problem, which, according to our information, had already been pointed out by the International Handball Federation: the lack of air conditioning and consequently the risk of condensation, in the middle of summer, which could made the ground slippery.

For this reason, the confrontation is likely to continue between Fiba, anxious to guarantee the best playing conditions for its teams, and Paris 2024, which, as Tony Estanguet pointed out, in response to Andreas Zagklis, should “find a solution acceptable to all within the budget. And here the situation becomes even more complicated. In the midst of a budget review, Paris 2024 can no longer afford to conduct many technical studies and wants at all costs to avoid opening a new place of competition.Especially since basketball is not the only sport that will have to move as serious threats hang over shooting and boxing venues.

Therefore, this musical chair game should be made at the lowest cost. So sending basketball to Lille would allow Paris 2024 to take a little step in terms of tickets (the basketball tournament in Lille in 2015 had broken attendance records) and thus offset some of the costs created by the changes in place. However, I’m not sure if Fiba, who wants to stay in the capital and is aiming for the La Chapelle Arena (currently promised for badminton), hears it that way. If the latter in terms of location belongs to the organizers (and the IOC that certifies it), this will never be done without the agreement of the international federation.

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