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Another sensational outing against Romeyer and Caiazzo

Another sensational outing against Romeyer and Caiazzo

ASSE sale: While the Greens will play in Ligue 2 next season, Saint-ientienne Mayor Gaël Perdriau sent a message to Caiazzo and Romeyer.

ASSE sale: Perdriau puts pressure on Romeyer and Caiazzo

In an interview with Le Progrès newspaper, the mayor of Saint-ientienne, Gael Perdriau, returned to the sale of the Saint-Etienne club which has been slow to materialize for months. And while a new shareholder is knocking on the Greens’ door, the representative elected by Saint-Etienne puts pressure on Roland Romeyer AND Bernard Caiazzo so that the David Blitzer project sees the light of day.

“I was one of the first to ask, more than a year ago, for shareholders to be very clear on their wishes. So they really say what they wanted to do because this point of sale in Arles has been in the air for several years. It is difficult for a company, a community or a sports club to have perspective and succeed in leading its teams unless there is a clearly defined strategy. Now wait. And every day that passes is a lost day for building the project of the future. “I hope it will be fixed very soon”, said Gaël Perdriau, satisfied with the appointment of Laurent Butle as coach.

ASSE Mercato: Gaël Perdriau valid for the new coach

Following the relegation to Ligue 2 and the departure at the end of Pascal Dupraz’s contract, AS Saint-ientienne have appointed Laurent Batlles for promotion to Ligue 1 next season. An election certified by the mayor Gael Perdriau.

“I think Laurent Buttles is a good choice. First, because he is a good professional, who has proven himself as a player and coach. We have someone who has technical skills, managerial and human qualities […] he knows ASSE very well and is connected to it. I will not say that it is essential, but it is a plus because it has all the other qualities I mentioned “, the 49-year-old politician explained.

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