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Benoît Koundoud: “I want to finish well”

Benoît Koundoud: “I want to finish well”

Before joining Limoges and after ten years at Nantes where he arrived as a player and left as coach, Alberto Entrerrios directed his last game on HBC on Saturday night, in the final of the Coupe de France.
“To beat PSG, you have to minimize as many stupid mistakes as possible: no loss of balls, no slight mistakes in pulling the defense for distribution concerns. In defense, be focused, vigilant. PSG does not have a very complicated game tactically, but is very smart in utilizing individual qualities, very disciplined. This team does what it needs to do tactically, in a very simple way. If you are released because you think you will not engage, then comes the beating.

Plays very well in spaces, the ball comes out. This is what makes the difference in this PSG team. We have one more match left, a chance to win a title. Whatever happens, the season has been very good. We should be proud of what we have done this year, with a somewhat complicated course, a somewhat difficult start to the season. We were able to correct the shock. We are out, this is the reality, Paris has had 30 games and 30 wins in the championship, this is very impressive. Of course we will give 200% to win. But you have to put the issue aside, focus on the game and above all take advantage of this moment because you do not come to Bercy every year. We will have a great chance to experience this show. So have a lot of fun on the field, play quietly, but give it your all. “. Ak.C.


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