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Brittany – When turkeys, cannons and cannons make noise in the village

Brittany – When turkeys, cannons and cannons make noise in the village

  • 1 Marcel and Maurice run away from the cockatoo
  • As Le Télégramme announced in its Saturday edition, cock Marcel Etellois “will escape the cock”. Etel Municipality, however, had notified its owner to put an end to “acoustic pollution caused by rooster crowing” with a fine of € 450, following an anonymous complaint from a neighbor. Since the issue was widely publicized and the owner received considerable support, he finally decided to postpone his traditional banquet with a maquice-made coq au vin on the menu … Even the town hall ended up taking the side of the turkey. She is committed to the new law on the protection of “sensory heritage”, voted by MPs after the Maurice turkey affair in Oléron (Charente-Maritime). In September 2019, the Rochefort court had thus rejected the request of the Maurice turkey neighbors, who accused him of waking them up at dawn.

  • 2 As coq au vin, in Cléguer
  • In Cléguer (56), a couple had asked the court to stop singing, sometimes too early, their neighbor’s rooster. At the same time, he claimed € 5,000 in damages and the same amount of procedural costs. Gallinaceous could have ended up, too, in coq au vin, but the court, in January 2015, finally left him alive. Justice, however, ordered the bird to be closed at night.

  • 3 In Carantec, “napping on the beach” because of church bells
  • In November 1997, a couple from Carantec, living in an apartment about twenty yards from the church, could no longer stand the sound of the building bells, which rang from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. “We are forced to take a nap on the beach,” complained the couple, who at the time threatened to seize the Council of State. According to the former mayor of Carantec, Jean-Guy Guéguen (municipal councilor in 1995 and mayor from 2001 to 2020), the couple left their apartment and no legal action was taken.

    Carantec (29) Church bell tower
    (Photo Telegram)
  • 4 In Roscoff, the bullets of strife
  • In March 2015, the Nantes Administrative Court of Appeal sentenced the town of Roscoff (29) to pay 59,000 euros for a couple of residents, aggravated for fourteen years by the sound of balls from communal outdoor tennis courts built in 2001 near the house. Last June, the municipality also had to issue a decree limiting the opening hours of the courts, which are now accessible from Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., and from 1:30 p.m. at 19:00.

    Of the four tennis courts in Roscoff, only three are usable and at specific times.
    (Photo Telegram)
  • 5 In Vannes, the neighbors have the balls …
  • A few years ago, in Vannes, it was the noise of cannons that made the bowling neighbors of Bécel Stadium, occupied by several petanque and Breton cannon associations. “Mostly members of a Breton cannon association made noise, but they left the country two years ago,” said Madeleine Josse, president of La Boule Vannetaise. “However, we have to leave the bowling alley at 17:00 instead of 18:00 and now it is forbidden to organize competitions there,” the president regretted.

    Vannes (56) Top breton.  La Boule Vannetaise on the covered paths of the Bécel stadium.
    (Photo Telegram)
  • 6 The skating rink was dismantled or relocated
  • Skating parks can also cause acoustic pollution, as was the case in Irvillac (29) and Scar (29). In Irvillac, four families had, in fact, climbed to the plate due to noise coming from open equipment since April 2020. Last June, the municipality finally decided to relocate the structure, near the nearest municipal stadium. the houses are about a hundred meters away from the skatepark.

    Set up in November 2020, that of Scar was dismantled on March 22 by the owner of the neighboring campsite, who also noted the acoustic pollution of the installation. On May 22, the municipality sent a letter to receive the return of the modules, but they have not yet been returned. A final reconciliation should be attempted. “By the end of the month, things could change,” announced the city’s mayor, Jean-Yves Le Goff.

    PHOTO FRANCOIS DESTOC / LE TELEGRAM LANESTER (56): skatepark for teenagers
    (Photo Telegram)

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