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Cajarc.  A new management team at ECCF

Cajarc. A new management team at ECCF

The general assembly of the Entente Cajarc Cénevières (ECCF) leg took place on Monday, June 6th. President Damien Lafferrerie opened the session by thanking the leaders, players, volunteers, parents and the municipality represented by Mayor Jacques Viratelle and Patricia Huguet, elected in charge of associations and culture.

Dimitri Pouget made a poor sports assessment for the 2021-2022 season. Team ECCF 1 finished eleventh out of twelve, so it goes down to the second division. The ECCF 2 team finished fifth in its championship and remains in Division 3.

Treasurer Valérie Lescure presented a positive financial balance of 1,700 euros, despite the cancellations of the flea market in Cénevières and the lottery due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which deprived the club of resources.

A new office was elected: Damien Lafferrerie remains president, Clément Laporte is co-president; Dimitri Pouget becomes secretary; Emmanuel Portal his deputy; Valérie Lescure remains treasurer; Lionel Pouget his deputy.

Lucette Parra left the post of secretary after forty years volunteering in football.

A paella to open the 2022-2023 season

The football club will start the new season by organizing the ritual party on Wednesday 13 July; will be followed by fireworks organized by the municipality on the shores of Lot in partnership with UCA and the municipality of Salvagnac-Cajarc. The ECCF is looking for volunteers to prepare this planned paella for 300 people, to do the service on Day D and storage the next day. ECCF will host its flea market on Saturday 6 August in Cénevières.

The Coupe de France will start at the end of August, the start of the championship is scheduled for mid-September. The football school will also resume around mid-September for U7, U9, U13 and U15 in partnership with clubs Causse Sud and Gréalou, a U11 section is planned.

To continue living, the club is always looking for managers, animators, volunteers and players. Those interested can contact President Damien Lafferrerie on 06 75 77 97 09.

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