The US urgently needs a new Chief Technology Officer

Last month, my Institute for Education, a nonprofit that focuses on bipartisanship and the power of soft diplomacy, hosted an event celebrating the “Civic Tech Revolution.” The event honored Justice Stephen Breyer for his decades of service on the Supreme Court and his dedication to understanding technology and our changing world. Our program features a … Read more

Unleash your creativity and passion for technology. B.Des from NMIMS School of Design. (Humanizing Technology) program

NMIMS School of Design is taking admission for 4-year B.Des. (Humanities Technology) program Mumbai campus MUMBAI, India, December 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As creativity, technology, and business passion converge to create user-friendly solutions that make people’s everyday lives easier, the Bachelor of Design degree program is rapidly gaining popularity. SVKM’s NMIMS School of Design AICTE … Read more

Carpenter Technology (NYSE:CRS) is up 4.6% this week, bringing its one-year gain to 56%.

If you want to pool your wealth in the stock market, you can buy an index fund. But investors can increase their returns by selecting companies that are market leaders Carpenter Technology Corporation (NYSE: CRS) shares are up 52% ​​year-over-year, much better than the market’s 15% decline (excluding dividends) over the same period. That’s performance … Read more

The President emphasized the maximum use of technology to educate children with disabilities

The President of India emphasized the maximum use of technology to make education more accessible to children with disabilities New Delhi: President Draupadi Murmu on Saturday emphasized the maximum use of technology to remove language-related barriers in education and make education more accessible to children with disabilities. On the occasion of the International Day of … Read more

The impact of technology on fashion design training

Design students need to equip themselves with technological skills in addition to traditional skills. | Image credit: Freepik Lynne Murray, director of the Digital Anthropology Lab at the London College of Fashion, emphasized the need to understand how digitization is affecting the fashion industry. As business models shift to faster production techniques, students must keep … Read more

Stakeholders seek to use technology to boost agricultural production – The Sun Nigeria

At the ThriveAgric 2022 conference, stakeholders encouraged the use of technologies to support agricultural production to ensure food security. ThriveAgric organized the conference entitled “Technology Leverage for Sustainable Agricultural Expansion: Perspectives of Smallholder Farmers” to bring together various stakeholders in the agriculture sector to explore ways to improve agriculture. The founder of ThriveAfrica, Mr. Ayodeji … Read more

Health Benefits of Negative Ion (Electron) Technology

The modern world full of pollution and electronic devices is a prison of positive ions. As everything in nature seeks balance, positive ions seek negative charges. Surprisingly, these negative ions have a positive effect on human health. Understanding Miraculous Ion The ionization process is a natural phenomenon and is manifested by sunlight, lightning, lightning, and … Read more