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Confident of his strength, Brooklyn fires Cleveland (VF)

Confident of his strength, Brooklyn fires Cleveland (VF)

The favorite, Brooklyn could count on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, 59 cumulative points. But the meeting we thought folded at the end of the first quarter (40-20) finally became more undecided by the Cavs. “We had ups and downs, but we stayed together, we were resilient. We feel good, even if we know that the work is not over “, commented Kyrie Irving (34 points, 12 assists). The leader, long deprived of basketball this season due to his refusal to be vaccinated against Covid, so flew over the debates in the first period, that he was still 100% successful in shooting (9/9, 12 / 15 at the end) after his basket in the signal, just before the break (57-43).

Cleveland then gradually returned to the game, six points behind the Nets, twice in the 4th quarter, thanks to Darius Garland (32 points) and Evan Mobley (17 points). Kevin Durant (25 points, 11 assists, 3 blocks, 2 interruptions) then invited these enthusiasts, planting the banners that matter. Behind the bow after the first closure, then twice in the middle after the second.

moment of silence

But the Cavaliers came back to minus five in the last minute. And this time “KD” and Kyrie found teammates to score, before saving the difference in free kicks. “Our team remained safe all the time. We have a lot of room to improve. Individually and collectively,” coach Steve Nash said positively. Relieved to see his team in the play-offs, the crowd at the Barclays Center showed restrained joy as the emotion was still evident, following the morning subway attack not far from Brooklyn, where a man opened fire, wounded 23, including ten with bullets. A minute of silence was observed before the match.

The Nets will find it difficult to face the Celtics of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, authors of the regular second half of the regular season, having moved from 9th to second place in four months. For Cleveland, it remains a hope to suspend play-offs. That would require a home win on Friday against the play-off winner between Atlanta and Charlotte. With a first round on the horizon against Miami.

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