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Curry shares the same joy in the effort with Federer, Kerr says

Curry shares the same joy in the effort with Federer, Kerr says

The Warriors coach drew a parallel between his brilliant player and the tennis legend.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr, recounting an anecdote about Roger Federer, thought Stephen Curry had the same approach as the Swiss tennis player with 20 Grand Slam trophies, to stay at a level of excellence, enjoying the same effort every day.

“We met Federer a few years ago in China. We were playing in Shanghai and he came to see us in the locker rooms. Draymond (Green) asked him “How have you done this for 20 years? +Kerr said during a news conference on Sunday.

His answer was simply simple but profound. He said: “I love my daily ritual. I get up, prepare my children’s breakfast, leave them at school, go to practice. I like competition. And every night when I put my head on the pillow, it comes to me like ‘Oh man, what a beautiful day’“, He continued.

So I think a lot about Steph when I think of this explanation given by Roger Federer. I see a great resemblance there. There is life that prevails and only joy to continue the process“, He concluded.

On Friday, Curry had the most successful performance of his career in an NBA Finals, scoring 43 points to lead the Warriors (107-97) against the Celtics, to draw 2-2 in their series. Another glorious chapter, at the age of 34, for one who already has three championship rings (2015, 2017, 2018) and two regular season MVP trophies (2015, 2016).

“Like a metronome”

Steve Kerr

At this rate, Curry, who averages 34.3 points (49.1% in distance) after four games, can finally become the MVP of a final.

He has his routine, he is like a metronome. Every day is exactly the same. He is in the training room, then in the weight training, he is on the ground. It is set as clock“, Kerr noted.

But there is also a sense of joy, which gives energy to this work. I think this is one of the things that connects all the great athletes, Roger Federers, Steph Currys … There is a routine that is not only super-disciplined, but really enjoyed every day. There is a passion that accompanies this, that lasts and that makes it possible to improve even more“, He developed further.

I like to work“, Curry said in front of the same journalists. “You will gladly do those trainings or strength training because you know it will make you as prepared as possible for those matches.ยป

And you try to have as much fun as possible. Of course there are days when you do not want to, when you are tired … But the approach I have taken since I started and I try to keep it is that we win, you lose, you have to keep going. come back to sharpen your tools and find ways to improve your game“, He affirmed in the end.


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