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Dallas and Doncic eliminate Phoenix in an incredible way!

Dallas and Doncic eliminate Phoenix in an incredible way!

The night of all sensations in the NBA. Fans just recovered from the first quake on Sunday, with the elimination of reigning champion Milwaukee (released by Boston), that another quake shook the North American league. Even the Phoenix, the best team of the regular season and the big favorite for the champion title, has occupied the door in these semifinals of the conference. The Suns were eclipsed by Dallas in Game 7, which turned out to be humiliating for Devin Booker and his teammates, dusted in their room by the Mavericks (123-90) while the Phoenix had dominated the Texans on his floor in matches 1 and 2 to take a 2-0 lead. . Already clearly surpassed two days ago in Dallas during Game 6 by the Mavs, the Suns hoped to take advantage of their return to Arizona to have the final say and join Golden State in the Western Conference Finals. Unfortunately for the beloved colors for Chris Paul, who will remain for another year at the age of 37 without a title, not only did the Phoenix get a correction again against the Texans, at home this time, but the Suns also got a bigger slap, with a 33-point victory of the future finalists of the conference, which is still carried by their strongman Luka Donçi..

Doncic and Dinwiddie on fire, Booker and Paul off topic

Slovenia walked over its opponents (35 points on 12 out of 19 in shooting and 6 out of 10 on three points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals), all without having to spend more than thirty minutes on the floor and reaching of achievement. scoring as many points on his personal statistics sheet in the first half (27 points) as the entire opposing team (57-27 for Dallas), also included by Hurricane Spencer Dinwiddie (30 points on 11 of 15 in shooting, including 5 out of 7 with three points), while in the opposite camp, the two superstars, like their team, passed completely. Thus, Booker did not do better than 11 points, the fault of a rather incredible bankruptcy on the kick (3 out of 14). Paul, he did even worse, with just 10 points, 4 assists and 1 rebound. Unfortunately for him, “CP3” is a regular of the genre, as it is the fifth time in his career for what he later revealed he had played this damaged game (in quadriceps) that he lost with his exclusivity during the match. 7 (for only three successes). Eleven years later, Dallas is back, but led 2-0 after Game 2, in the finals in the West, and Phoenix on vacation. What a surprise!

Western Conference
Game 1 – Phoenix Suns – Dallas Mavericks: 121-114
Game 2 – Phoenix Suns – Dallas Mavericks: 129-109
Game 3 – Dallas Mavericks – Phoenix Suns: 103-94
Game 4 – Dallas Mavericks – Phoenix Suns: 111-101
Game 5 – Phoenix Suns – Dallas Mavericks: 110-80
Game 6 – Dallas Mavericks – Phoenix Suns: 113-86
Game 7 – Phoenix Suns – Dallas Mavericks: 90-123
>>> Frank Ntilikina Stats (DAL): 13 minutes, 3 points (1 of 4 on kicks, including 1 of 3 of 3 points), 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 steals, 1 foul

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