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Daniil Medvedev suffers but beats Jannik Sinner at the Masters

Daniil Medvedev suffers but beats Jannik Sinner at the Masters

Everything was played between Daniil Medvedev (qualified) and Jannik Sinner (eliminated), but we did not get upset during this rampant evening in Turin, where the world number 2 with fluctuating concentration started with a bang before exploding briefly. to complete the winner. after one last taj-panties raise hair (6-0, 6-7 [5]7-6 [8]). If he wanted to save himself, he lost: the match lasted 2:32.

So it was initially the Russian demonstration during the first set won in 26 minutes, leaving only ten points of the Italian youngster completely crushed. It’s good to be free, especially when you do not want to let go. World number 2, the arm raised from the first initial break, was everywhere, turned everything upside down (three unforced errors) and served the lead (80% of first serve). So much for learning.

But Sinner did not allow himself to count despite the difficult bubble to gather in front of his audience. And his reaction was impressive. You should be able to recover from such a buffet, even in a stockless game. And the Italian, with courage, was able to set a pace that ended by taking the world number 2 off the rails.

The most entrepreneurial sinner then

Very close to losing service at the start of the second set, the Italian saved the breaking point after a rally of twenty-four kicks. He raised his arm, the transalpine spectators tuned in, and Medvedev, an expert in dealing with somewhat hostile crowds, took up his stance of an upset man. And this match with great intensity was balanced, with a brave sinner, more enterprising, more solid in his attacks and more tempted towards the net, as the opponent began to make some unforced errors by slowing down. Taken back immediately when he had managed to break away 3-1, Sinner reached the “tie-break”. Imperial in his service up to 5-5 in this crucial game, Medvedev strangely rushed into a poorly negotiated volley to deliver a certain point, which the Italian grabbed sharply.

Pushed to his limits, Medvedev, who took a 3-1 ball in the third set (broken by a bad comeback), gave the impression that he exploded serving almost only the first balls, even in the second (with some double mistakes for the key), as if he wanted to shorten the debates. At 4-2 for Sinner, it was make or break. This has happened. And the Russian, turning 4-3, then breaking to equalize before leading 5-4 at full speed, got back into this very funny game that ended in tennis. It took a crazy “tie-break” to end this kind of match.

Sinner in control of Top 5 members

Medvedev saved two game points, the first in a very brave second ball, again, and the second in a service completed with a non-academic top-spin burst ahead. Sinner, he capitulated to his second point of the match, in a magnificent long-range attack by a Russian who had gone through all the states, feverish and stainless

Medvedev is in a series of eight games at the Masters, while Sinner has yet to win against a top-5 player in nine attempts. The next challenge for the world number 2: in the semifinals against the winner of the match between Casper Ruud and Andrey Rublev this Friday.


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