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Decorated.  In Sées, padel tennis will find common ground …

Decorated. In Sées, padel tennis will find common ground …

The Municipality and the Tennis Federation (right) met with park residents
The Municipality and the Tennis Federation (right) met with Park © DQ residents

It is to inform the population about the prospect of becoming a paddle tennis department center that the City of See (Orne) hosted a public meeting on Friday, April 15 at the media library.

The first magistrate, Mostefa Maachi, his deputy in charge of sports, Guillaume Dudragne, and the regional manager for the development of clubs and tennis practice within the Normandy League, Alain Gripon, presented the valuable project to the city council. February 23.

It consists of equipping sports infrastructure with two court padel to be managed by the Federation within the Sagien tennis club.

This device would be unique in the department. An event for this sport which will take place in France and which already has more than 4 million practitioners in Spain!

One concern: location

Initially, the two new lands were advertised as in front of the current indoor tennis court, on the border with the property lines of the inhabitants of Marigny Park. This greatly disturbed these residents, who feared acoustic pollution associated especially with the exchange of bullets in the walls.

We are not against this kind of sports project but not so close to home.

Residents of Parc Marigny.

After polite exchanges, their request seems to have found a favorable response as a second place was suggested. closer to the long hose towards the car garage and petank terrain.

A proposal which has been verified on the ground and which seems to have conquered all the protagonists.

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What is a paddle?

Padel is a racket sport that originated in tennis, but also in pumpkin and badminton, which is played on a smaller field, surrounded by walls and fences. The calculation of the result is the same as in tennis, the balls used have a slightly lower pressure.

It is played only in pairs, the service should be done with a spoon. “Its biggest difference with tennis is that the balls can be played as they bounce off walls or fences in a pumpkin-like fashion,” the federal official said.

of total cost of this achievement is estimated at 176 390 €.

“The region contributes up to 20 thousand euros and the National Sports Agency provides 65% of the budget, ie 95,544 euros,” recalls the mayor.

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