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Draymond Green, the heart of the Warriors

Draymond Green, the heart of the Warriors

Already endangered after game N.1 lost at home, the Warriors must react, not to let the Celtics escape in this series. They managed (107-88) to equalize everywhere, after what is described as “the heart and soul of the team”, by coach Steve Kerr. “They have to feel like we’re getting into them,” Green shouted before the match. And the winger set the example from Boston’s first attack, jumping on Al Horford, to snatch the ball from his hands. The first of many obstacles to come, which excited the Chase Center, as if Curry had placed a three-point logo.

In San Francisco, it is Green himself who is responsible for warming up the fans in the pre-match video broadcast on the big giant screen hanging on the floor. Covered in a hood, he addresses them after the loud music: “Every season has its story. We are approaching the end. Here you go on stage + Dub Nation +! Make some noise!”, He shouts angrily, then discovered his face.

“He will do everything to win”

“Dray” then joined the action to the word. “He lit the fire, as he has done throughout the season. And everyone follows him,” summed up Gary Payton II. His work during the first period was great and his impact is measured beyond statistics (9 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists, 1 interruption, 1 against). Because Green fell on almost all green overcoats. Those of Grant Williams, called “idiot” during a brawl that caused him a technical foul, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, with whom he had the beginning of a quarrel, after he made a defect in the back that shot from a distance.

In their fall, her foot did not pass far from the face of the Celtics goalkeeper, who removed her. And when the latter wanted to get up, Green, hurrying to do the same, climbed up behind his shorts. “Draymond, he will do everything to win, he will kidnap you, he will try to disrupt the game. He raises the intensity level … that’s his thing. He made his career over it” , Brown exploded afterwards. The reputation that the 32-year-old Warrior has built up for himself, certainly not inclined to change his fighting spirit – “Trying to restrain me will not work. I have to remain myself,” he later said – does not work. exclude some leniency on the part of the judges.

The 10th best passer in the Playoffs

Following this incident, former official Steve Javie, an ESPN consultant, rightly argued that the trio of referees would consider his status to determine if he really deserved a second technical foul, and consequently the dismissal. The winger finally had a tight escape. “When Draymond plays with that energy and flies making even offensive moves, our team feeds on that. It makes the game easier for everyone. He played a great game, he was our leader,” pivot pivot greeted Kevon Looney. A leader whose high basketball IQ, excellent game reading and ability to score points in the basket, are important contributors to the Warriors attack. In terms of assists, he is 194 successful in the playoffs, occupying the 10th place in the historical rankings after the former glory of Boston, John Havlicek.

In the fourth quarter, instead of decompensing slightly, the game being won, Green was still overwhelmed with energy to encourage and give instructions to substitutes on the floor. And to stop any relaxation: “I have to continue like this in this series. Because it will not get easier. On the contrary. We will have to climb some more stairs.”

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