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EA Sports FC 24 should copy a celebrity mode from NBA 2K

EA Sports FC 24 should copy a celebrity mode from NBA 2K

While football fans are excited and nervous to see what EA Sports FC will look like, according to a recent leak, the publisher is already working to add a well-known NBA 2K feature that fans have been looking for for many years.

FIFA 23 will be the last game in the EA football franchise that will use the FIFA name before the series is renamed EA Sports FC. After a partnership that lasted almost 30 years, it is not surprising that fans are curious about what the future will bring.

Whether the upcoming (and final) 2022 FIFA is already looking good, with the introduction of cross-country games in particular, we nevertheless know little about EA Sports FC 24.

But recently, a leak revealed some very liquid first details of EA Sports FC 24.

My NBA 2K22 career
2K Games

The 2K NBA Games have made great strides in their career mode and EA Sports FC could aim to do the same.

EA Sports FC 24 may introduce a similar modality to My NBA 2K Career

According to FUTZonea free mode similar to NBA 2K My Career is under development for upcoming EA Sports FC game releases.

My career is basically an accessible center between games, the NBA 2K player career equivalent, where players can roam free or throw a few rings. This mode is also full of mini-games that can be played alone or with friends.

And according to FUTZone, EA Sports FC 24 is expected to offer an experience similar to a series of general pitches or stadiums on the road to explore before and after matches. It will also be possible to invite friends, with the development of Online Career mode.

FIFA’s career mode has long lacked 2Ks, which give players everything from sponsorship deals to luxury apartments. Recent versions of NBA 2K have expanded the MyCareer concept into a fully open world called The City, complete with stores and NPCs.

While EA’s first attempt is unlikely to aim as high as the modality offered in 2K, fans will be pleased to see that the players ’career modality will be expanded with more freedom and game options. personalization.

It should be noted that while the discoverer has been right in the past, his alleged leaks have sometimes lost their mark.

Therefore, this means that until EA has officially announced this feature, this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

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