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every night his big poster, or how to close 2021 with a smile

every night his big poster, or how to close 2021 with a smile

As every week on TrashTalk, find the full program for the next seven days, to get to work with the face of a zombie and the spirit of a grandmother who has just eaten a can of non-fresh herring. While you wait for some possible updates, here is the signed menu bein Sports.

In the middle of the galleries, in full brackets connected to the numerous flames according to the COVID protocol, the BeIN Sports weekly menu offers us several nights of fun. This era is wonderful. In 2021, it is possible to enjoy Iso Joe live on French television, followed by the voice of Jacques Monclar who could very easily end up in an NBA park in the following days. But even though the absences are raining down, the posters offered this week by the purple channel remain at the top and are most often the ones that will be the most watched in the United States. We think about this little Clippers – Nets in less than 24 hours, made with beard and a Nico Batum. Tuesday night at Wednesday, the Rockets – Lakers will be very interesting to watch. By not watching 48 minutes of beautiful basketball, we will have the opportunity to watch a match on the XXL peg as the little boys from Hollywood Boulevard are in the middle of a crisis. And honestly, the small sadistic-sadistic side makes it not uncomfortable to watch them play live. Well, on the other hand, Wednesday night’s Bulls-Hawks resemble Rodney Mc Arton Jr. and Pernambucano Juninho III, two teams combining… around fifteen absentees. And then the rest is gold, with a Nets – Sixers, a Celtics – Suns and Knicks of Vavane on Sunday night. Have a nice week!

Monday night, December 27th

  • Phoenix Suns – Memphis Grizzlies at 3am (beIN 4)
  • Los Angeles Clippers – Brooklyn Nets at 4 a.m. (beIN 1)

Tuesday night, December 28th

  • Houston Rockets – Los Angeles Lakers at 2am (beIN 4)
  • Golden State Warriors – Denver Nuggets at 4am (beIN 1)

Wednesday night, December 29th

  • Boston Celtics – Los Angeles Clippers at 1:30 (beIN 1)
  • Chicago Bulls – Atlanta Hawks at 2am (beIN 4)

Thursday night, December 30th

  • Brooklyn Nets – Philadelphia Sixers at 1am (beIN 1)
  • Orlando Magic – Milwaukee Bucks in 1 hour (beIN 4)

Friday Night 31 December – Api Nou Yeure!

  • Boston Celtics-Phoenix Suns at 19:00 (beIN 1)
  • Toronto Raptors – Los Angeles Clippers at 1:30 (beIN 4)

Saturday night on January 1st

  • Milwaukee Bucks – New Orleans Pelicans at 12:30 pm (beIN 1)
  • Washington Wizards – Chicago Bulls in 1 hour (beIN 4)

Sunday night December 2nd

  • Toronto Raptors – New York Knicks at 9pm (beIN 1)
  • Boston Celtics – Orlando Magic at 12:00 (beIN 5)

We kindly print the program bein Sports, we display it at the entrance or in the office and so we do not miss any point of what will be offered during the next 7 days on the channel! In the meantime we will buy a coffee …

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