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FCPA Champion 47 in New Aquitaine

FCPA Champion 47 in New Aquitaine

After winning the Lot-et-Garonne D1 title, the men of the Carmaux-Barrorot-Derathe trio won the regional tournament this weekend in Guyan-Mestras.

This regional final, dubbed the “senior festival,” was created three years ago to designate the champion of the New Aquitaine League. Interrupted due to Covid, he resumed this season. Only 7 D1 championship winners from the 12 districts that make up the League were present. FCPA 47 faced US Aigrefeuille (79), AS Jugeals Noailles (19), US Chancelade Marsac (24), FC Lescar 2 (64), Avenir football club 79 (79) and FC Ozon (86). The matches took place in two parts of 15 minutes.

A dominant FCPA 47

Damien Carmaux’s boys are free in the first leg, while FC Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Landais is retired. The second meeting confronted them with FC Lescar 2, the champion of the Pyrenées-Atlantiques. Dominating, they won thanks to two achievements by Lucas Boissière and Krys Meynard. The following duel ended in a draw (1 to 1). “It was the most balanced match,” comments Damien Carmaux. We score from Krys Meynard. Led at the break during the match against Jugeals Noailles, FCPA 47 equalized with Rémi Charbonnier then won in the final seconds thanks to Ryad El Kouchni (2-1). “During the last meeting,” adds Damlien Carmaux, “I asked the boys to have fun. We have possession of the ball and we score with Bilal Bekri “.

The champion of the then regional department D1, finalist in the Lot-et-Garonne Cup, FCPA 47 had an extraordinary season. “A really big season, Damien Carmaux analyzed. The group was efficient and united.”

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